Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day Fun

One of our chief desires in this new home is to show hospitality to others by having them in our home whenever we can. So, even though there are still boxes scattered around the house we decided to invite some friends and family over this past Monday. We had a great turnout with nearly 30 people - a number which would have been far too many to squeeze into our previous home. We really enjoyed it and I captured a few moments with my camera.

Caleb, Anna and Kate playing Candyland...he chose this game after a short attempt to teach Anna chess!


At least half the crowd (or all the men and boys plus Brittny!) spent a good deal of time playing bocce - an Italian lawn game that involves bowling with a wooden ball. Only four can play at a time so that left a decent amount of onlookers watching from the patio. At one point someone came in for a tape measure - presumably to clear up any doubts about whose ball was really closest to the mark.

Good times around the tables...

The great-grandma, affectionately known as Granny to many of us, with little Emma - our youngest guest. Granny is fun to have at any party or gathering. She is always smiling and is up for any game any time... especially if it involves cards! Liverpool Rummy anyone?

Bethany and Megan spoiled Lydia who probably had her every desire granted that day. I'm making a mental note to have at least one of those girls around the next time I have a large gathering!

Matt and Teisha with their three girls: Anna, Kate and Megan

Sam's house is now little more than a mile away, so he and Megan came over on their bikes!

Lydia waving bye-bye to the Moseleys.

Her "bye-bye" is barely audible and her wave is a twist at the wrist that is reminiscent of a beauty queen's wave.

Monday was a lot of fun. We hope to have more times like this in our home for years to come.


Stephanie said...

Great pics Jen! Your home is beautiful. I can't wait to get the tour de Johnson. You are a great hostest. I am so happy for you that you are able to be close now!

Amy said...

The party was a blast, Jen. Thank you so much for hosting it. Emma enjoyed herself immensely =).

Kelley said...
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Kelley said...

I absolutely love Lydia's little sundress. She looks like a princess in it. If you get the time a photo tour of your house on the blog would be nice for those of us to far away to visit. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Can't beat that bye'bye pic. You need to print it up. :-) Thanks for capturing my behind. :-O

Kathy said...

As you would say, Yah for new pics. I also loved Lydia's sundress and wave. I can't wait to see the you and the house in Dec.

Renee said...

Your house looks great! With lots of wonderful room. Glad you are enjoying it.