Monday, July 23, 2007

Lauren Olivia

Baby Lauren is here! She made her grand entrance at 5:11 PM after less than 6 hours of labor. She weighed 7 lbs. 9 oz. and measured 19.25 inches long.

Jen was a trooper again, going without pain medication for the duration. We arrived at the hospital around 10. The labor started in earnest around 2:30, when they hooked her up with Pitocin, to get the contractions going faster. A bit before 5, they announced to our amazement that it was time to push. Soon, our newest little one was with us. She gave one cry, then was quiet for almost 10 minutes until they gave her a Vitamin K shot.

We are so amazed and thankful for this wonderful child, and the relative ease with which she came into the world. God is very good.

Lydia and the family all have been by to visit. Lydia brought a "little" pup for Lauren, which she gracefully played with. She got to hold baby Lauren and was very sweet and gentle, though she returned to her rambunctious ways after she got off the bed.

Unfortunately, we forgot the cable for the camera, so we can't upload our pictures yet, but we should have some tomorrow.

Thank you all for your prayers.

Ben (for Jen)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

41 Weeks, 3 Days

It would seem that little Lauren is perfectly content in the womb and would rather stay there than come out and meet us! Apparently a little extra time inside has not encouraged her to make her entrance. Unless the Lord intervenes in the next 12 hours, I am scheduled for the induction tomorrow morning. I was told to call ahead to make sure there were empty beds before we arrive!! I suppose it's better that way than to arrive only to wait, but...I sure hope we can get this going in the morning rather than the afternoon or evening!
We'll have internet access at the hospital so I'm sure there will be email or blog announcements to come!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Waiting Game

I fear I'm not so good at this game, but we're playing it anyway! Today's visit to the midwife was frustrating because it took forever. Why don't doctor's offices pay their clients the courtesy of explaining reasons behind long waits in the office? The 45 minutes I waited for my NST (non-stress test) would have been much less painful had I known that only one of their machines was working, and thus the reason behind my long wait. Anyway, I ended up being there for 2 hours for something that should have taken an hour or less. The NST showed that the baby is doing just fine. My check with the midwife did show some progress - yay!!! She was very encouraging and told me I had made "good progress" since my visit last Thursday. I was dilated a little bit more and more importantly I am about 70% effaced. Sooooo...I left feeling a little more positive. I have to go again on Friday to do the same things all over again and if I make it to that appointment =) they will go ahead and schedule my induction for Monday the 23rd. One additional bit of "good news" is that my midwife won't necessarily begin my induction, if it comes to that, with pitocin. She said she thought I was probably at the point where simply breaking my water and doing lots of walking would get the contractions going. I was very pleased to hear that and I would be much happier to be induced in that way.
So there is my update for those of you who were wondering!

40 weeks

Friday, July 13, 2007

Due Date

Well, the EDD is here and so baby! Truthfully, I'm not expecting her this weekend since I wasn't dilated any more than 1cm at the appointment yesterday. (That is no change from the last visit 9 days previous.) Also, I haven't been having any contractions either. The midwife did go ahead and strip my membranes yesterday and that was PLEASANT let me tell you. For those of you wondering, it just separates the amniotic sac from the cervix and in the process releases prostaglandins -- hormones that soften and dilate the cervix. The thought is that if your body is ready, having this done can kind of jump start labor...sometimes within 24-48 hours.
I am so ready to be done with pregnancy! I really want to go into labor on my own without having to be induced, but I am starting to lose heart! I have 10 days left for something to happen naturally, otherwise the midwives will induce.
I know people say that near the end they sometimes lose their appetites and actually lose weight. Ha - if only that would happen to me! While I'm certainly not ravenous and the idea of cooking is NOT appealing, I'm still eating and that means still gaining!!! I weigh a few pounds more than I did when Lydia is born and the prospect of 10 more days means that number is just going to rise!! Besides concern over my own weight, I really don't want to birth a 9 pound child!! (My friend Rachel just had a 10lb 9oz little boy --- WOW!)
Another "disheartening" tidbit to add to my own scenario is that quite a few of my friends from church are(I think I'll have to change that to were) pregnant at the same time as me. It has been lots of fun going through things together, but that "fun factor" is beginning to wear off now that I (whose due date was the first of five) am now at least third in the delivery order!!! As exciting as these calling posts and emails of births are, it is just a constant reminder that I am still pregnant!!Five of us were/are due in 5 consecutive weeks. Chris went 1 week early last weekend and Amy (due 2 weeks after me) is scheduled for induction tomorrow. This leaves only Stephanie and Michelle (both due in August) for me to "beat" to delivery. *sigh* (And with Stephanie's track record, I really wouldn't be that shocked if she went into labor before me too -- right Steph?!!)
Unfortunately my thoughts are starting to turn from a natural onset of labor and all of the options I should have for labor and delivery to how I will handle induction and all the interventions (I interpret that as "restrictions") that can and usually do accompany the procedures. So -- send me your tips on natural things to do to get labor started! I think I tried them all two years ago with Lydia, but a reminder or some new idea can't hurt. I am off to the health food store in search of magic pills or potions =)

p.s. Ben just walked by Lydia's room where she is supposed to be napping. He told me he heard her talking and stopped to listen. He caught her saying the ABC's...apparently from M-Z. I'm impressed. I haven't heard her do that and didn't know she could!