Thursday, February 19, 2009


Lauren - 17 months
Lydia - 17 months

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Someday I might get back to blogging with regularity..... Until then, a few things I want to remember:

Lydia is obsessed with skunks lately. I think she read about one in a book and wants to know lots about them. In the car the other night, it was just the two of us and we had a conversation about skunks. The last question she posed: "Mom, do skunks pray?".

Lydia is a pretty picky eater and we are battling on this front daily. The food she detests the most and the only one that I allow her to pick out of a dish: onions. (Unfortunately, they are in many of the things I cook!) But boy, she always finds the onions, no matter how small or hidden they might be. And no amount of my cajoling or proclamations of how delicious they are has yet to effect a change of her mind. Yesterday, the girls were playing in Lydia's room with the kitchen and accessories. Lydia brought me a dish she had prepared just for me -- onions, because "you love them Mom! They're your favorite!".

Most days you will find Lydia dressed in a skirt and leggings combined with a long-sleeved shirt ( a "leave shirt") with both sleeves shoved above her elbow. She would be most happy if warmer weather would arrive soon - allowing her to ditch the leggings completely and wear a short sleeve shirt! She has very decided opinions about her hair and attire, both of which are commonly modeled after someone or something -- everyone from me to cousin Kate to a character in a storybook.

Lauren, it seems, likes her role as baby in the fam. She doesn't say many words, although you can tell she thinks about it when you ask her to say something. She is also very attached to her paci -- a habit I know we need to break soon. She LOVES animals - stuffed and real. While Lydia clings to my legs around animals, Lauren will be racing to greet them. She is an excellent eater, putting big sis to shame! She eats fast and she eats a lot. Particular favorite lunch foods are avocado and cheese.
Words she says:
Shishee (sissy)
cackuh (cracker)
hi (usually said with a small, quiet "shy" voice)
nye nye
Liss (Liz)
ahh duh (all done)
doddie (doggie)