Thursday, March 15, 2007

The past week

Wedding Day: 9 March 2007
Dressed and ready for pictures...

Elias and Becky: husband and wife!

The weekend was a bit of a whirlwind - but very fun. Various out of town family members flew or drove in on Thursday and most made it to the rehearsal dinner that night. Friday we met up in the Cornelia area for a quick lunch before church and reception decoration ensued. Family and a few of Becky's friends were invaluable help in this endeavor which Elizabeth headed up. I felt pretty worthless after the smallest of tasks --being pregnant can cause that I suppose. In the end everything came together and the service was a God-honoring blend of both cultures. The reception location was unexpectedly lovely for a town that size and the meal served by Elias' family was a traditional Guatemalan wedding meal. Having missed her nap in the midst of a very hectic day, Lydia was, at this point, almost a basket case. She drank two cups of punch ("wah-duh") and was not remotely interested in the dinner. She lasted long enough to eat a few bites of cake and then I had to put on her p.j.'s and prepare for the drive home. She was asleep within minutes of hitting the road.
Saturday the family members who were still in town gathered at our house for the day. Lydia remembered Carl and Rita from their visit at Christmas and she had everyone's names learned and intelligible before they left. She learned the word "precocious" (co-cious) from Uncle Carl and the phrase "I'm a genius" from Aunt Sue.

Trisha, Sue, Rita and Carl stayed at our house while here for the wedding

In other news, I've been trying to prepare myself for potty-training Lydia. I bought a cushy seat for the toilet as well as a little child potty. (A few previous endeavors by Grandma Kathy to sit her on the toilet had resulted in immediate tears and great distress, so I was a little fearful of whether she would take to sitting on it - even with the child seat.) After the wedding commotion died down I thought we'd ease into the training process. The cushy seat is great and Lydia's fear of sitting on the big potty went away when she saw and tried out the Elmo seat.

The past several days I've been talking up going potty like a big girl and have put her on the seat at various times. She loved it - and getting to read a book on the toilet is somehow perceived as particularly wonderful!
Tonight after dinner we put her on the little potty downstairs and to my (almost) disbelief - she went after just a minute of sitting there. We made a huge deal of it and I quickly brought her the treat I'd decided to use as a motivator - chocolate yogurt raisins. She gobbled them up immediately while I explained that anytime she went on the potty like a big girl I would give her a treat. I was sure she wasn't paying any attention to me as she stuffed the raisins in her mouth. Not more than an hour later after bathtime we were all sitting on our bed and she told me she had to go. (She does this by grabbing her diaper and saying "poop." While she has never been right about it being poop, she will do this occasionally when she is just wet.) So off we went to the potty again -this time upstairs on the Elmo seat. Her diaper was dry and I could not believe my ears when after a short time I heard some dripping into the toilet! Before I could even begin praising her, she looked at me and said "treat! treat!"
I would love to believe that she is truly "getting it" but I have a feeling there will be ups and downs and that it just can't be as easy as it was tonight.

Here is the proud girl in her new Dadoo (Dora) p.j.'s that she was delighted by at Wal-Mart today.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pictures, wedding, birthdays

After a bike ride with Daddy to the playground

She likes this "hat" quite a bit

Lydia enjoyed their quick stop by our house earlier today
Guess who loves spaghetti?

Lauren and me at 21 weeks

I almost didn't post that last picture - I really don't like to look at pictures of myself! Anyway, my bump is visible for those who don't see me often -so this pic is for you all!
Tomorrow I'll get a haircut - yayyy! It's been at least 5 months by my count...too long, especially when your last cut was a short style! Honestly I was too sick to care what my hair looked like for a long time, but now it is really bugging me. (I tend to operate that way with my hair in general. I can go a while without cut, but when it starts to bug me - I have to do something today!)Plus my sister-in-law is getting married next weekend. That occasion has spurred me into taking action!
Liz and I had a bit of difficulty deciding on and finding something appropriate to wear to this wedding. Neither of us can really wear our regular dressy clothes, yet we didn't want to make a large investment in something that would be a "one-time" wear in a larger or maternity size! As it turns out, after several tries for new items for me - I'll end up wearing a dress I already own. (I have a lot of "formal" type clothes that I wore to my recitals and concerts etc. I hadn't really considered any of this stuff, but one of those dresses still fits and doesn't look tight or awkward. So - problem solved.)
Today is Ben's birthday! I just finished making a chocolate cake. Tonight we're going Mexican with the meal per his request. His mom (who arrived Monday) made some fresh tortillas. (If you have never had a homemade tortilla - you're missing out. I had heard stories of how they can be eaten plain or with a little butter when they are homemade. Now, I love bread, but that did not sound appetizing to me. Well, five or so years ago I had my first homemade tortilla and now I know what they meant! They are sooo good.) We ordered some fajita meat "prepared" (already seasoned) from a carniceria nearby and I'll make some "real" Mexican rice to go with it all. Fresh fruit to top it off --- mmm I can't wait! (After the sickness with pregnancy, when my appetite returns I feel like I enjoy food even more!!)