Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pictures, wedding, birthdays

After a bike ride with Daddy to the playground

She likes this "hat" quite a bit

Lydia enjoyed their quick stop by our house earlier today
Guess who loves spaghetti?

Lauren and me at 21 weeks

I almost didn't post that last picture - I really don't like to look at pictures of myself! Anyway, my bump is visible for those who don't see me often -so this pic is for you all!
Tomorrow I'll get a haircut - yayyy! It's been at least 5 months by my count...too long, especially when your last cut was a short style! Honestly I was too sick to care what my hair looked like for a long time, but now it is really bugging me. (I tend to operate that way with my hair in general. I can go a while without cut, but when it starts to bug me - I have to do something today!)Plus my sister-in-law is getting married next weekend. That occasion has spurred me into taking action!
Liz and I had a bit of difficulty deciding on and finding something appropriate to wear to this wedding. Neither of us can really wear our regular dressy clothes, yet we didn't want to make a large investment in something that would be a "one-time" wear in a larger or maternity size! As it turns out, after several tries for new items for me - I'll end up wearing a dress I already own. (I have a lot of "formal" type clothes that I wore to my recitals and concerts etc. I hadn't really considered any of this stuff, but one of those dresses still fits and doesn't look tight or awkward. So - problem solved.)
Today is Ben's birthday! I just finished making a chocolate cake. Tonight we're going Mexican with the meal per his request. His mom (who arrived Monday) made some fresh tortillas. (If you have never had a homemade tortilla - you're missing out. I had heard stories of how they can be eaten plain or with a little butter when they are homemade. Now, I love bread, but that did not sound appetizing to me. Well, five or so years ago I had my first homemade tortilla and now I know what they meant! They are sooo good.) We ordered some fajita meat "prepared" (already seasoned) from a carniceria nearby and I'll make some "real" Mexican rice to go with it all. Fresh fruit to top it off --- mmm I can't wait! (After the sickness with pregnancy, when my appetite returns I feel like I enjoy food even more!!)


Renee said...

Spaghetti is always such a fun meal with little ones. It's definitely a bath nite after that one. :) All of the pictures are so cute.

And homemade tortillas? Yum! We love Mexican food...thank you for spurring on a small craving. Happy Birthday to Ben, and hope you all have a great evenining with all of your family.

Kelley said...

Thanks for posting a picture of you. I hate pictures of myself as well but I think it's just cause we tend to be so critical of ourselves. Lydia cracks me up with that spaghetti face. She is definitely enjoying that meal.

Now I want mexican! The girl who catered my wedding came up with her mom and sister last year and made homemade tamales from scratch - there is nothing like authentic mexican food.

Kelley said...

Oh and happy birthday to Ben. Isn't your birthday coming up as well?

Patrick & Rachel said...

Happy birthday to your DH. Hope you have a great time tonight!!! Mmm, mexican sounds so good, especially homemade. Of course I am starving and still have to teach one more student so FOOD is on my mind.
Yes, it does feel weird posting a pick of yourself, but I did the same on my blog. Compared to you I look like I am about to deliver:)
You are a brave Mom to let her eat spaghetti by herself!!! Too cute!

Julie said...

The spaghetti face is so cute! Thanks for posting a pic of yourself even though I agree with your hardly have a bump at all.
Happy birthday to Ben.

Amanda said...

Aww, she is so cute! I also agree that the spaghetti picture is too adorable.


JM said...

Hey Jen, on the fourth picture is says "their"...who are "they"?

j.j. said...

"They" are our pastor's daughters - also two of my violin students. They were retrieving a forgotten violin that day!

JM said...

Thanks for the explanation. I was just wondering. :)