Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lately Lydia has become increasingly aware of things that I do. All kinds of things - folding clothes, brushing hair, loading the dishwasher etc. Just various task she is observing that make up daily life. She of course wants to do the same things.
When I water our potted plants, she watches what I do carefully and when I set the watering can down she grabs it up and repeats the chore.

Another thing with which she is enamored lately is utensils - particularly forks. I've discovered that the novelty of using a fork will ensure that she even eats the foods she doesn't really like - for instance, green veggies!! I'll usually let her begin to eat without the fork and then when I give it to her she gets so excited. She really tries hard to stab the food, but struggles to get most things to stay on those pesky tines. I'll help her spear the food and then she wants to do it all herself as she guides the fork to her mouth. She is still working on that hand/eye coordination and usually puts the fork in at the wrong angle - causing the food to fall off. When she gets frustrated with the stabbing motion, she'll pick up a piece of food and lay it on the fork before putting in her mouth. Of course those pieces only make it into her mouth about 50% of the time too!

She can finally move the truck using her feet.

A night of sleep with two pups is double the love and joy.
It is just so cute and also funny how much she loves Pup. She "discovers" him among her toys throughout the day and promptly races over to give him his love bite on the nose. She frequently carries him around in her mouth. She also loves to suck on his ears and tail when she is tired. Her attachment to this stuffed animal kind of reminds me of the book The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams. Have you read it?
I distinctly remember when I first discovered this book. I was not really young, but I loved it immediately. I was with my cousin Erin and Aunt Ginger in their old blue van (which I thought was soo cool because it had a digital display). We were returning a book that they had given as a gift but found out that the child already had a copy. I flipped it open on the way to the store, commenting that I had never read The Velveteen Rabbit. Neither of them could believe it and Aunt Ginger said that I must have a copy - so she gave that one to me. Over the years that copy disappeared. This is a book I definitely plan to add to our childrens' collection of books.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Best Banana Bread

Ok. Best is hard to qualify...but the recipe is really easy.

3 ripe bananas
2 eggs
1 stick butter, softened
1 cup sugar
2 T. milk or buttermilk
1 t. vanilla
2 cups self-rising flour

Here is the "best" part about it. Put everything but the flour into the blender until mixed well. Stir in the flour and bake in a greased loaf pan at 350 for 50 minutes.
I often use only half the amount of sugar. When the bananas are ripe, I don't miss it.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


While I do love to buy shoes, I had hoped that Lydia's foot would not outgrow shoes so quickly. She has needed three different sizes over the summer. She has been going barefoot to church lately since outgrowing her white sandals - or wearing her sporty pair of Tevas. (Very stylish with those pretty church dresses!) I had a hard time justifying those baby Tevas in July, but she needed something waterproof before we went on vacation to the lake! Unfortunately (size wise) they barely lasted a month. (Before resorting to the Tevas, Liz and I looked everywhere for something cheap and water friendly to get her through the hot months - but to no avail.) We are at a size 5 (wide) right now and that leaves a little room to grow. I'm hoping we can use the couple of pairs I bought at least through Christmas!
The poor girl seems to have a rather chubby foot. When I had it measured recently she was right in between regular and wide widths. So some regular (i.e. cheaper) styles fit, but in others she needs wide. Here is a pair I found at Marshalls in a wide! I paid less than half the price that the kid's shoe store wanted for a pair of tennis shoes.
Today we went to a park with Amy and Emma and Auntie Liz. We moms wanted some exercise and boy did we get it pushing those strollers up and down the hills on the walking path. Lydia had a blast exploring and finding such treasures as rocks, pinestraw, pinecones and tree bark.

The swing was lots of fun!
I went in the grocery store to pick up a couple of things on the way home. Lydia was wearing the blue shirt and khaki shorts. Inside a kind woman waved at Lydia (who was waving) and said "He is quite a cute boy." I hesitated only a moment before answering, "thank you".

Monday, September 11, 2006

Reason Enough

why Lydia will never again wear only her diaper to bed. Before I launch in I guess I should say that I painted Lydia's bedroom on Saturday so we've had her sleeping in the Pack N Play in a different room while the fumes are still strong. So Sunday after lunch she went down for a nap and Ben and I laid down in our room as well. Probably about 30 minutes later I heard her crying. My first thought was, "Why didn't she take a nap!?" She's been having some trouble napping during the afternoon lately. I reluctantly went in to see if I could comfort her enough to get her to sleep. As soon as I opened the door, I knew all was not right as I was assaulted by a horrible smell. I looked in the Pack N Play and thought, "Poor baby, she threw up." I took a couple of steps closer and I that was not puke. Yes, the child had taken off her diaper, which was on the floor, and had pooped in the pack n play. It was everywhere. She had spread it all over the pack n play, up the sides on the netting and some was thrown over the edge onto the floor. Can we all say it together, "GROSS!!!"
I called Ben in and he took her to the bath while I was left with the mess. The sheet was filthy of course - Ben just wanted to throw it away!!! I had to chuckle at that. What did he think I 'd done with all those outfits she had pooped in when she was a tiny baby?? Yes, the washing machine would survive this one.
Later on when she and the mess were all cleaned up, we were just shaking our heads at the whole thing. Ben said something about how nothing could be much more gross than that. While I agreed, I did have to remind him that there were likely to be many more nasty little messes to clean in the years to come!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Lydia loves scrambled eggs for breakfast. She also loves my Greens Plus. I don't think Josh believes me, but she reaches for my drink every morning and I usually have to cut her off after a couple of gulps.

She is facinated by the dishwasher and wants to "help" me with it (usually by pulling out the racks or shutting the door) whenever I have it open. She has recently discovered the joy of putting her toys - especially books or Pup - inside and then closing the door. (She also loves to do this with the dryer.)

I've realized she understands a lot more than I am often aware. The other day she was sitting in my lap and I asked her to go get her shoes and bring them to me so we could go out. I didn't point and she had to sift them out of her toys that were scattered on the floor. She brought back one shoe and then went back for the other. Today she was playing in my room and was missing her hairbow when she came toddling into the closet area. (She finds great delight in pulling out the bow. She usually trys to put it back by placing it on her head!) I said, "Lydia where is your bow? Go get your bow and bring it to mama." She promptly went out of the closet, through the bathroom and into the bedroom and went right to her bow which was lying on the floor. She picked it up and put it on her head, then she handed it to me.
So, perhaps my expectations of her level of obedience also need to increase...!


So here they are. A few pictures of the new house for you friends and family who live so far away that it will be months (years??) before you're here in person. I want you to know how hard it was for me to take pictures of the interior before I have done what I want to know, paint, pictures, decor etc. So here is the "tour of the downstairs...

The dining room

The living room

This is essentially one long room to the left of the front door as you walk in the house.

The kitchen view from the windows at the back of the house.

View to kitchen from doorway into dining room.

Family RoomThe kitchen and family room are open to each other. This is the heart of the house and is where we spend most of our time together. We love this house and feel very blessed to be here. It is wonderful to be so close to church and many church friends and family! I no longer have to drive 30 minutes or more to get anywhere!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day Fun

One of our chief desires in this new home is to show hospitality to others by having them in our home whenever we can. So, even though there are still boxes scattered around the house we decided to invite some friends and family over this past Monday. We had a great turnout with nearly 30 people - a number which would have been far too many to squeeze into our previous home. We really enjoyed it and I captured a few moments with my camera.

Caleb, Anna and Kate playing Candyland...he chose this game after a short attempt to teach Anna chess!


At least half the crowd (or all the men and boys plus Brittny!) spent a good deal of time playing bocce - an Italian lawn game that involves bowling with a wooden ball. Only four can play at a time so that left a decent amount of onlookers watching from the patio. At one point someone came in for a tape measure - presumably to clear up any doubts about whose ball was really closest to the mark.

Good times around the tables...

The great-grandma, affectionately known as Granny to many of us, with little Emma - our youngest guest. Granny is fun to have at any party or gathering. She is always smiling and is up for any game any time... especially if it involves cards! Liverpool Rummy anyone?

Bethany and Megan spoiled Lydia who probably had her every desire granted that day. I'm making a mental note to have at least one of those girls around the next time I have a large gathering!

Matt and Teisha with their three girls: Anna, Kate and Megan

Sam's house is now little more than a mile away, so he and Megan came over on their bikes!

Lydia waving bye-bye to the Moseleys.

Her "bye-bye" is barely audible and her wave is a twist at the wrist that is reminiscent of a beauty queen's wave.

Monday was a lot of fun. We hope to have more times like this in our home for years to come.