Thursday, May 28, 2009


This morning the girls are sitting at their little table in the family room playing with magnetic dress up dolls. Lydia is carrying on a running conversation for both of them about what the dolls are doing and where they are going. Then I hear....
Lauren: "Nigh-nigh"
Lydia: very excited that sis comprehends the pretend play, "Yes, Lauren! They are going night-night. That's right!"
...more talking....
Lauren: "Nigh-nigh"
Lydia: Right, Lauren. It's time for night-night.
...more talking...
Lauren: "Nigh-nigh"
Lydia: I know, Lauren. Yes!
Lauren: "Nigh-nigh"
Lydia: losing patience, "Lauren, yes! Will you stop talking about night-night?"
Lauren: "Nigh-nigh"
Lydia: "Stop saying it Lauren! They already did sleep! Now they need to do something else."
Lauren: "Nigh-nigh".....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lauren reads

I had to capture her little, high-pitched "reading" voice.

Monday, May 11, 2009


We had potty success with Lauren this week! I'm hoping the generous bag of treats she received will not be forgotten as we move forward in the training

The things she ponders

Last night as Lydia and I were snuggling in bed, she asked, "Mom, why do boys sometimes kiss girls and the girls don't like it and they cry?" I was astonished and began (quickly) pondering how to answer my almost four year old.
Me: "Who told you that boys kiss girls and make them cry?"
L: "Eden." (yeah right, she's also four)
Me: "I don't think so. Who said this?"
L: hemming and hawing, then finally .... "You know, Mom. Georgy Porgy, pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry...."

This girl makes us laugh!