Monday, September 15, 2008

random tidbits

I had planned to post a few pictures of my recent foray into crafts -- sewing projects and jewelry. Unfortunately, Lydia broke our digital camera. (She tried to close it by pressing the lens into the floor.) Repairing it was going to cost more than it was worth. I briefly entertained the idea of a newer, fancier model -- maybe an SLR. But as it turned out, Ben found our exact camera on Ebay - brand new in the box - and at a price we were willing to pay. I hope we get it soon. I guess I didn't realize how much I like having a camera AND how much I use it!

Today I found my beloved watch that Ben gave me when we were dating. I thought I had lost it around the holidays last year when he gave me a sporty/waterproof watch that is "kid-friendly." I cannot express how surprised and delighted I was to come across my old watch. I wasn't looking for it (isn't that how it always happens?) but was doing some cleaning in our room. (I found it in the box that my new watch had come in. )As much as I love my new one, I was SO disappointed to lose my old watch nearly nine months ago. Anyway, it is found and I am thrilled!

Also today and on a sillier note - Lydia was playing with two of her Pups. Quite a while back I stopped being concerned about her knowing we had more than one of her favorite stuffed animal. And she loves having multiples out at a time. So this morning she calls to me over the railing, "Mom, can you throw Pup's sister up to me?" I almost laughed out loud. So now Pup has siblings. He may never have a brother though, since Lydia thinks all siblings are "sisters" =)