Friday, May 18, 2007

The Van-Car

As if last weekend was not already busy enough, we got the call from our mechanic saying our car wasn't really ready to be picked up. Ooookaaayy.They had the car this time in order to check on the "check engine" light that they had supposedly fixed twice already in the last 2 weeks. So the auto shop owner calls Ben Saturday morning and relays the information to him. I was showering and getting ready for the wedding in which I was to play that afternoon(first time in 7 consecutive weeks that I have personally known the bride -a girl from church). We had just mapped out our plans for the morning trying to decide how much we could get done before we needed to leave for the wedding. When I came downstairs I got the news: Upon returing from a short test drive, the mechanic in our car was careless and drove right into another customer's car. WHAT!So we decided to head to the auto
shop to inspect the damage and get some "evidence" on camera. I was irate. ( Ben is naturally more laid back and he was very calm and polite when talking to the shop's owner.) I, however, had to refrain from much talking at all. Not only was the front all smashed up, but it looked like someone had keyed both doors on the passenger side! It didn't compute with the rest of the damage. AND the idiot mechanic was drinking what would appear to be some soft drink while driving our car and it was spilled all over the console on the inside. Papers and other little things I had in the compartment were totally drenched. I was pulling out soaked stuff and just throwing it on the ground by the car. With the front end damage plus the gouges on the doors, I would imagine they would have to have the whole car repainted. It is not a new car so they won't be able to get away with just "matching" the paint. (Even the retelling of this story is making me irritated again!!) I just hope the car comes back to us in the same or better condition. I'm a little worried about that part of it. The ever optimistic shop owner told us just to rent a car through this past Tuesday and see where things stood. HA.

In the meantime, this is what I'm driving. Lydia was scared to get into it that first morning. She still won't get in or out of the van on the opposite side of her car-seat, but she has since made her peace with the "van-car" as she calls it. I know God purposes all things and that this little incident happened for a reason, but it sure has been a cause for extra stress.
Positive things: This van has allowed us to pick up some large items (like Lydia's twin size mattress and boxspring) without borrowing a vehicle. I can be thankful for that! Oh and it is a "free" opportunity to have a long-term test drive of another vehicle. While I wouldn't want this particular van, I can see why people go for these. Oh yes, and I'm enjoying the factory tinted windows and the icy-cold A/C!!! So there you go - my entire post was not spent whining about the car situation!
When Ben talked to the insurance adjuster a day ago, they had yet to even look at the car. So, I fully expect to be driving around in the van-car for at least another week.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Pregnant Me

Ok friends. Here you go. A new pregnant picture of Lauren and me. This was taken about a week ago at 30 weeks. I feel farther along if I think of that as almost 7 months, but I also prefer to remember that I only have 8 weeks left (instead of 2 months) -- it sounds shorter somehow!
Things are going well for baby and me. I have little to nothing to complain about when I think of the trials some women go through during pregnancy. I have gotten to that point where I just "feel big"and awkward. My lower back sometimes really bothers me and I have definitely reached that place where comfortable sleep is often very elusive. I am definitely a back sleeper when not pregnant, and even with about 6 pillows strategically placed, I still occasionally wake in the middle of the night and find myself on my back.
I had a diagnosis of placenta previa early on in the second trimester, but several weeks ago another ultrasound showed that my uterus had grown enough that the placenta had moved up. That was good news! I had a small scare after having blood drawn to test for gestational diabetes. They called the next day and when I finally got a nurse on the line it was nothing serious - I just need to take an iron supplement.
In the spirit of openness I will share that my total weight gain so far is at 18 pounds. Depending on which midwife I see, my weight gain is either "really great" or cause for concern to "be careful not to continue gain at this rate." Out of the 4 midwives in this practice, the one that is sort of my "primary" midwife seems to be the most insensitive and blunt. It has been one of the "other three" every time that either a) sympathized with me early on and told me to eat whatever sounded good - even if it was french fries and ice cream b) had mercy and prescribed medicine for nausea when nothing else I tried was working c) has looked positively on my weight gain. Oh well!
In other news, some household projects are finally "in progress." I wish I could say they were completed...hopefully that will be soon. I am really feeling the push to get some paint on the walls of several rooms before baby comes. Lydia's "new room" (as she calls it) is finally painted and now ready for her big girl bed and her toys. I'm not really sure if she gets that it is her "new room" yet, but hopefully she will understand and be excited once her things go in there.
Gotta run! Now, fair is fair - I want to see some pregnant pics of the rest of you mommies!!