Thursday, September 27, 2007

Strong Girl

Lauren is really strong for such a young baby (I think). She has been able to hold up her head since birth and just continues to progress in this. She can bear her weight on both legs as long as someone keeps her steady. She likes to sit up in your lap and I just got the Bumbo back and she even enjoyed that for a time. Today I found her on her back in her crib. She had rolled over! I have discovered her like this several times, but this is the first time she managed this feat while in a calm state! Previously she was really upset and I think all the squirming sort of resulted in her rolling over. Oh - and this afternoon while in the crib, she squirmed out of her little pants! When I went to get her she was at one end of the crib and the pants were about a foot behind her little feet.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Yummy Sandwhich

You'll need:

deli sliced roast beef
avocado, sliced
red onion, sliced
pita bread
cream cheese
prepared horseradish

I made these for a church reception last night but didn't get to try one. I had some left-over stuff so I made this for lunch. Really good!! I made a half sandwhich but it was so tasty that I made another half right away. =)
I mixed 8oz of cream cheese with 2 tablespoons of prepared horseradish. Obviously that makes quite a lot. I think you would get a similar taste using a spicy mustard if you don't want to go the other route. And I didn't have any more pita bread, so I just used regular bread and I toasted it.
I'll definitely make this again. It would be a really fast dinner and it was yummy and filling. (And I wouldn't have to turn on the oven!!!)

Saturday, September 15, 2007


is just flying by it seems. It is hard to believe we are halfway through the month of September. The weather is finally beginning to get a little cooler and I can't wait for real fall weather to arrive.

I'm continuing to adjust to being a mother to two. Having a toddler and an infant has definitely impacted our "on-the-go" lifestyle! Sometimes I miss getting out for fun activities, lunch with Daddy or even just spur of the moment errands. We'll get back to that point someday, but for now it is easier just to stay home! In the beginning I was really hesitant to go out with both girls, but I have done it and I survived =) Lydia doesn't like to ride in carts or strollers (although she does seem to like our new Sit-N-Stand fairly well) and Lauren hates being in her carseat --even riding in the car, forget the stroller! So the combination makes it somewhat less desirable to go out a lot and has made me really think more about consolidating errands. When we go out now we only have a certain length of time to get stuff done. (Besides the nursing schedule, I can only carry an infant strapped on for so long!) And forget browsing; I am armed with a list and on a mission!
Lauren is developing good night-time sleep habits. I am very thankful. This is definitely a blessing that my second child is sleeping so well. (I'm a little afraid to type this as if mentioning it might change the situation!) We really have done nothing differently to bring about this change. It is just another reminder that all children are unique in their personalities and dispositions and you can't really make any predictions. Uninterrupted sleep makes such a difference in my ability to function as mommy -- greater patience, gentleness, kindness, self-control (I guess I could just type out all of the fruits of the Spirit as that seems to be what I'm getting at!). With your first child you can sort of adapt your schedule to theirs. Not so with #2 and following! It is great to be able to wake up before both girls (and feel rested!) with time for a shower, clothes, quiet time and the beginnings of breakfast. I am also less prone to dawdle around when I know I only have a short time to get myself in gear and ready for the day.
I am striving to "play" more with Lydia while Lauren naps. It is tempting to use all of that time for household chores etc., but I'm trying to remind myself that she needs my focus and attention too. The house can wait, even if it is less convenient for me. Like me, she is used to the busy lifestyle that we had before Lauren came. It has been an adjustment for Lydia to realize we don't go "bye-bye" as much as we used to! Now that we're staying in more I do have more time just to play, and I'm enjoying that.
Lydia soaks up everything she sees and hears these days. She loves to mimic my conversations with others. I especially notice this when I am talking to Lauren. It is quite funny to hear my terms of endearment coming out of Lydia's mouth, especially if I am not in the room when she does it. I think I have already mentioned that Lydia likes to report on Lauren's every mood and behavior before I even have a chance to react. When she hears her little sister crying, Lydia rushes to her side bringing blankies, a paci if she can get her hands on it, and a lovey of some sort. Then she starts talking to her in her special high-pitched baby voice, "It's okay sweetie. Don't cry my sister. It's O-kay my gail (girl). It's O-kay." However, she is not always so sweet. Lauren usually cries in the car and most of the time Lydia just ignores her. But sometimes it really starts to bother her and Lydia tells me, "She needs you mom. You can hold her? Lauren's cryin'. She's sad mom! She needs her paci." etc. The other day we were leaving my parent's house and Lauren had already started crying in the driveway. As I was buckling Lydia in, she sort of huffed and said in a pitiful voice, "Noise Mom!".
I already mentioned Lauren's greatest achievement to date -- sleeping through the night!!! She is learning to interact a little more and it is so sweet when she smiles at us. Lauren has discovered her thumb and is sometimes able to soothe herself with it. Although we have paci's, she really doesn't like them too much. She has started making the little baby cooing sounds which are so sweet to hear. Her first few weeks were tough (for her and us), but things have settled down and she seems much more happy and content -- which makes the rest of us happy too. =)
I took Lauren for her follow-up ultrasound on Tuesday. The results came back today showing no change in the gallbladder. In other words, it still appears to have "sludge" in it. This is a little discouraging and slightly mystifying. She was on medicine for a month to help clear it out and it would seem that it didn't do its job. However, the reasons for the testing in the first place were the marks on her tummy and her extreme fussiness. Those marks are barely visible now and her demeanor is so much more peaceful. This is a blessing. For now we will proceed as normal. Our pediatrician may refer us to a GI specialist in the next month in case there is some treatment we need to pursue.
Well, it has taken me nearly a week to type this in the midst of life's happenings here. I will go ahead and post before I'm interrupted again!