Thursday, September 07, 2006


Lydia loves scrambled eggs for breakfast. She also loves my Greens Plus. I don't think Josh believes me, but she reaches for my drink every morning and I usually have to cut her off after a couple of gulps.

She is facinated by the dishwasher and wants to "help" me with it (usually by pulling out the racks or shutting the door) whenever I have it open. She has recently discovered the joy of putting her toys - especially books or Pup - inside and then closing the door. (She also loves to do this with the dryer.)

I've realized she understands a lot more than I am often aware. The other day she was sitting in my lap and I asked her to go get her shoes and bring them to me so we could go out. I didn't point and she had to sift them out of her toys that were scattered on the floor. She brought back one shoe and then went back for the other. Today she was playing in my room and was missing her hairbow when she came toddling into the closet area. (She finds great delight in pulling out the bow. She usually trys to put it back by placing it on her head!) I said, "Lydia where is your bow? Go get your bow and bring it to mama." She promptly went out of the closet, through the bathroom and into the bedroom and went right to her bow which was lying on the floor. She picked it up and put it on her head, then she handed it to me.
So, perhaps my expectations of her level of obedience also need to increase...!


Elizabeth said...

So, what you're saying is that even if her looks take after her daddy, her brains take after her momma. :-)

Anonymous said...

So awesome to see picture and hear about Lydia. Also great to get a little better idea of your house. I just returned from Mexico City. Nice to get a little "Lydia action" as soon as I came back. Thanks for blogging! :)