Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Well we are slowly settling in here in our new home. We love it (except for the tiny garage) and we're thrilled to be in this area. Boxes are still in many of the rooms as we figure out where things need to go in the new place. New houses just necessitate more storage and in the pantry and in closets with the shelving and bins etc. It is also taking me some time to decide how to make the best use out of our closets for storage since we have zero room in the garage. (This is particularly hard for us since our previous home had a huge garage, a workshop and an unfinished area. We didn't even worry about saving space because that was never an issue!) The clutter created by the boxes and items that still don't have a real "home" is really hard for me to ignore, but I'm trying to be patient as we move at a manageable pace!

Here is our fabulous new fridge. (Thank you to everyone who gave their input.) I think we're going to like the f reezer on the bottom, and even though I originally wanted a stainless version, I really think this looks best in the kitchen.

little secretary

Lydia loves phones. She has about three toy phones, my old cell phone and now this one that we're not using. She still prefers our real cell phones though. She has a word for "hello" - it sounds something like "ah-DAH." She can say "hi" but never uses that on the phone. She usually puts the phone up to her ear and babbles in her own language. It is so cute.

with Grandma B.

Now that we are no longer on my mom's way home from work, she doesn't have the opportunity to drop by for those little spontaneous visits to see Lydia. She came over last week just to see her little granddaughter. Here they are reading Lydia's favorite book, "Moo, Baa, La La La" by Sandra Boynton. Lydia really loves to look at her books. She will often entertain herself for an extended period of time by just flipping through the books. She understands when I ask her to go get a book and bring it to mama to read. Depending on which book we're reading, she usually wants to turn the pages at her own pace without waiting for me to finish. The exception is with her favorite book...but if you're familiar with Boynton books, you know that the text on each page is really short, so perhaps she doesn't have time to get impatient!

She is trying to say more words now. She knows bye-bye, but just a couple of weeks ago she started saying "bye-da" instead. I'm not sure if at first she was trying to say "bye da-da" but it seems to have stuck. She also uses that word or her sign for "all done" anytime she is tired of what is going on and she is ready for a change. Other words she has recently added to her vocab:

Joss -for Uncle Josh
Puh - her stuffed dog, Pup
Maw - more (she also signs this one)
Naw - no
side - outside (with an arm stretched toward the door)
Baw - ball
Baa - bath
men - Amen

I've also realized that she can understand more than I thought she could. Just last week I started "testing" her to see what she would do. I asked her to go get several things that were out on the floor - Pup, a ball, a book etc. She would look around, find the object, go get it and bring it back to me. At the same time she is very stubborn and won't do this type of thing if she doesn't want to!
She is quite independent and I would not call her clingy at ALL. I started back to work last week which means she stays in the nursery while I teach. The two women that take care of the children are wonderful and Lydia loves them. Obviously a summer away didn't produce any uncertainty or clingyness in her - the first day back she reached for Carmen while I was still holding her! And later that day, she was having such a good time with the Little Tikes kitchen that she cried when I came downstairs to get her. I had to pull her away from the toy. It is nice to know that she is happy while there....even if I miss her more than she misses me!!


Ben said...

A few more words:

Nigh Nigh - Night Night
Peas - Please (reported by Caroline Strevel)
Bee Bee - the sound her nose makes

Shawn said...

Sooooo cute!!! Her speech is probably more clear than mine some days!! I love your fridge, and I can't wait to see the new house.

Lois said...

very cute
she is getting too big

Lois said...
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Nan said...

Jen, I'll bet that she has put 'bye bye' and 'all done' together when she says 'by duh'. They both indicate a cessation of something. She is very smart. :-)

Pattie said...

I like your new fridge... I hate moving, I hope you get everything in it's own spot soon!

Very cute pics of your daughter. (o:

Elizabeth said...

Good thinking Nan! It's so fun watching Lydia's language progress -- especially trying to find the words that she uses to identify things and people, even if they don't sound like English at all. Babies do have their own language after all.

Kathy said...

Thanks for the speech update. I know I was not just imagining things this summer when those babblings sounded like words to me!

susan29 said...

Hi Jen. It's so nice to see pictures and read about your life. Lydia is growing and changing so quickly. There is a baby in our church who is about a month older than Lydia. So every time I see her, I think of Lydia. That means I think of pooks at least three times a week. =)
Can't wait to see pics of the rest of the house. The fridge does look great. I like the black.