Friday, July 14, 2006

Time to Walk

This has been a very busy week for us. I've been busy packing up the house every day. On Wednesday, Brittny came over to watch Lydia so I could devote myself to packing. Besides entertaining Lydia, she ended up helping me box up various things in the kitchen. I have a small kitchen and it is amazing how many boxes it has taken to get most of it cleared out. She was a lot of help and it was fun to have someone to work with.
Thursday Liz came over to hang out and to keep Lydia corralled in the living room while I packed. She is slowly returning to her "old" self -- I miss spending time with her! The yucky initial phase of her pregnancy has really prevented us from getting together like we would.

Lydia has decided that she is ready to start walking. Last Saturday, while Ben and I were house-hunting, she took her first "real" steps at my parents' house. (We missed it!) She has continued to walk a lot more this week and is slowly getting more comfortable with it. I know you moms out there would probably say I will look back and wish for the crawling days just because walking means increased mobility, but I am ready for her to be able to go outside and walk in the grass instead of crawling. She loves to be outside, but she has cut and scratched her little legs numerous time from all of her "hands and knees" exploring. Also, she still puts everything in her mouth and I have some hope that she won't be as tempted to pick up other peoples' trash (like at the soccer field last night) when she is a little higher off the ground!! (Wishful thinking?...perhaps!)
Lydia rediscovered bananas this week. Previously she would eat them if they were mashed, but she didn't want anything to do with banana pieces. So, I tried again this week and she seems to love them! In fact, Sunday evening she ate the whole banana during church.


Stephanie said...

I like it when they walk too. Mine were late walkers though. Happy Packing! The nice part is you get to clean out and reorganize. A fresh start at a new place is nice. Please let us know if we can take your little munchkin for a day so you can pack. We'd love to!

Kelley said...

What a cute face! Lydia will have changed so much by the next time we see her. :-) Good luck on the packing. I agree with Stephanie - it is nice to have an excuse to go through all your stuff and get rid of things you don't need and get the rest organized. Whenever you get a chance I'd love to see pictures of the new house. Also, what general area is it in?

Brittny said...

honestly! there were lots of boxes--and the kichen only half packed!-- it makes the packer fell more accomplished...or a little disparing. I think in your optimism you would choose the former. Right!? =)
Had a great time with Lydia; Friday night I felt like the little kid--playing "house" again!

j.j. said...

Kelley - Lord willing, we're moving to Dacula. (The closing date for both houses is August 11th.)We'll be about 2 miles from Josh and Liz, not to mention a whole host of other friends from our church. We're excited!

Anonymous said...

Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!