Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Grumpy Girl

Lydia has been quite irritable the last several days. She had a fever Thursday night and Friday morning and threw up twice, but then the fever went away and she seemed "over it." I had two weddings to play on Saturday, so I was hardly around her, but I heard she was not her usual happy self. Sunday, upon arriving at church, we noticed she had a rash all over her legs and bottom. Conferring with several mothers at church, we concluded it was either a heat rash or something related to her fever...nothing contagious or serious. Since Saturday, she has been grumpy and irritable, so I wonder if there were any lingering effects from whatever she had. It is so hard to know for sure when they are little like this...sometimes I just wish she could tell me what hurts! We are ready for our happy, playful and non-clingy little girl to return!

On another front, our house is up for sale and was listed on the MLS. So far we've had two showings, one offer and another on the way! Pretty amazing. I feel like things are happening so quickly. I wasn't expecting anything so soon. We have been scoping out the Dacula area for houses we like and the plan is to go look at some with Bob Boyd this week. I really hope we find a few, or even one, that we really like and can afford!

Lydia enjoying her birthday gifts

Happy Girl

Bathtime is lots of fun!


Elizabeth said...

yeah for an update! That plaid shirt is so cute. The pic of her in it is like a portrait pose. I'm glad she's coming back to normal.

Kelley said...

I'm so sorry Lydia is not her normal self. A friend of mine has a 3 month old and he is normally so good natured that even when he's the a little bit fussy it seems odd and frustrating. I hope she starts feeling better soon.

The bathtime picture is very cute and I'm fairly certain Momma has a picture of either Julie or me in an identical pose.

Good luck on the house hunt. I really enjoyed looking for houses (although we were moving from an apartment so we didn't have the added stress of selling our current residence). We happened upon our house by "chance" (although I consider it God's direction). Our buyer's agent had shown us several houses in the area and in the course of looking at those we found our home.

Anonymous said...

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