Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Prayers and Diaper Changes

A couple of cute things we've witnessed recently but can't seem to catch on video or in a picture.

1) Lydia has started "praying" on her own. This usually happens around naptime or bedtime when we're cuddling. She folds her hands and starts jabbering away. A few intelligible words are mixed in - mostly peoples' names. This continues for a short while and then ends with very firm, "A-men." (She knows that prayers end with "amen" and she freely uses this when she thinks the prayer has gone on long enough - both at home and even at church!)

2) Last night after work, Lydia and I joined the impromptu gathering at Joss and Liss's house for his birthday meal. We missed dinner but I did sample the selection of desserts! While there Lydia entertained us with her antics. She had us all in hysterics when she got into her diaper bag and proceeded to give Pup a diaper change! This began by laying out the changing pad and placing Pup spread eagle on the mat. Then she got a wipe and began wiping him thoroughly. After he was "clean" he got several hugs and then she retrieved a diaper and placed it on top of him. She was engrossed for about 5 minutes (especially while she was wiping him), but then she realized we were all watching her and that was the end of it. We were all nearly in tears as we tried to stifle our laughs!


Kelley said...

1) Very precious. It's great that she is picking up on your faith at an early age.

2) She's just getting ready for changing Kate's diapers. I'm sure all Liz would have to do is give her the word and Lydia would go to it! :-)

Elizabeth said...

She already likes to "help." She sits by the diaper bag and pulls out the diaper. She crouches really close to Kate and talks in an adorable baby voice saying, "Baby. Kate. Baby." And then she gives Kate some rubs on her head. So adorable!