Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My baby is growing up!

Lydia and I are both happy that Ben returned safely late last night from his 5 day trip to Portland. She asked about him many times during each day. She learned the word "trip" (tip) as I tried to explain that he wasn't at work, he was on a trip. Each time we got in the car she would get excited and talk about "Daddy!!" as if we were going to see him. It was pretty sweet.
Her vocabulary just seems to be growing by the day. Here are some of my favorite new words:

becksis (breakfast)
syrpup (syrup)
wahduh (any drink is water)
Nee-nee (Brittny)
Cah-dine (Caroline)
Losis (Lois)
beer (bear)
up here
ahh done
ready, go
sim (swim - in the bath)
bubbus (bubbles)
cose (clothes)
kip (clip - for her hair)
bipuhs (diapers)
tank, mom (thanks mom - She used to say something that sounded much more like "thank-you" and then that stopped. This is what she says now and it is kind of amusing because she never calls me "mom" any other time - always mama or mommy.)
There are many more, but it gets to a point where you can't chronicle every single achievement! I put the majority of little milestones and stories on the blog as my way of saving the little memories. I'm sure some things become even harder to remember as your family grows!

After baths when I wrap her up in her towels I ask her, "Who is Mommy's bundle of joy?" She says, "ME!!"

Her favorite song is "The Wheels on the Bus." She says, "da bus, sing, da bus"! She would have me sing that song endlessly I think. At the end she chimes in for "all over town" by saying - "da town." Her favorite hand motion is for the wheels - but she doesn't always like to join in. Most often she just grins as you sing it.
We've been working on teaching her the first couple of children's catechism questions. 1) Who made you? A: God. She learned that one a couple of months ago but it has been very slow trying to get her to answer the second question. 2) What else did God make? A: All things. Sometimes she will say "tings" but not often. Last night as we prepared for bed I sang some songs, said the Lord's Prayer and asked her the questions. We talked again about the answer to #2. I asked the question over again after talking about "all things." So I asked, " what else did God make?" She answered, " a mess." (I had to chuckle to myself.) This probably comes from me constantly reminding her at meal times not to make a mess with her food.


Julie said...

I was cracking up as I read this entry. It is amazing what children will say.

Kelley said...

I can just imagine how nice it is to have Ben back. Graham's never had to travel for work but I know I would miss him greatly if he was gone.

I love the stories about Lydia. She's so entertaining!

JM said...

I can't believe how much she is talking! Nathan didn't really start until he was 2.5. So...is "Caroline" on the list our Caroline or does she have a friend around there named Caroline?

j.j. said...


Caroline is our pastor's daughter, my violin student and a very sweet girl. She loves Lydia and plays with her frequently. Actually her name is Caroline Elizabeth too...=)

Elizabeth said...

I think she is pretty advanced linguistically. Unsurprising, however, given her genes. Of course, according to Grandma, she's a genius.

Rebecca said...

haha! Kids are SO fun at this stage. We've been working on the catachism questions with Emily as well. She's great at the first one and with the second one she keeps saying "Everything!" instead of "All Things." And with the third one she remembers the word "glory" first and always says it more like, "Glory, oh... um... for HIS OWN glory!"

Moseleys in CA said...

Those are great stories! I espeically like the bundle of joy one.

JM said...

You have a "Bundle of Joy"...we have a "baby chicken."

Stephanie said...

I love those tidbits in time that are so special! These little ones will grow so quickly and it is precious to hold onto some of their baby memories like these. She and Ella must have had a discussion on the "Mom" thing. I get "wuv you, Mom" "night, Mom" and of course the loud "bye, Mom!" in church when Ben took her out for a diaper change last week =)

Renee said...

It still amazes me when our little guys start talking to where we can decipher what they are saying. It's a sweet time. As soon as the next baby arrives, Lydia will seem even more grown up to you. So be ready. :)

Caroline said...

I love the pictures on here, and you need to put on the word list care! (Claire)