Wednesday, February 07, 2007

More Diapers

This morning I heard Lydia chatting happily in her crib. It is so nice when she wakes up like this instead of crying for someone to come and get her. I opened the door and before I could even step in the room she was shouting, "da bipuhs! da bipuhs!" (the diapers). She had reached around the outsided of her crib and gotten into the stash of new diapers in her diaper stacker. (She only had 2 in the crib - thankfully!) She was trying very hard to get one on Pup. (He was on his back, she spread his "legs" out and she was attacking a diaper trying to get it to fit on etc....) She didn't even want to get out of the crib because she was so intent on Pup wearing a diaper. I sat in the chair to wait and finally after some talking about going downstairs and eating breakfast she was ready to get out.
In other news our family has just gotten over bad colds which lasted about two weeks. Dealing with a child who feels miserable but can't express what hurts gets frustrating the longer it goes on. I did take her to the doctor because the first night was terrible - she was feverish, she threw up and was having a really hard time breathing. (I thought immediately of Bethany and Avalyn. I cannot imagine how scary it must be when she is having asthma attacks.)I was thankful that I didn't start to feel bad until Lydia was well.
I am 17 weeks pregnant now. I think"morning" sickness (what a misnomer) is finally over although I still have an occasional spell of nausea. We should find out next week if this baby is a boy or a girl. I think we've settled on a girl's name, but we're still not set on a boy name. Last time we didn't decide Lydia's middle name until we were on the way to the hospital! I am officially wearing maternity pants as of about a week ago. My jeans stopped fitting comfortably about two weeks ago. My belly is so sensitive that I can't stand anything squeezing me. I'd probably be in sweats all the time if it were appropriate!! I'm still in that awkward stage with the shirts. Most of my regular ones look too small (or at least too short for my taste) and the maternity ones look like tents. Oh well. Like Stephanie, I enjoy my baths almost every evening. These are purely for relaxation which means a lot of times I get a shower and a bath every day. My skin is practically cracking between this extremely dry weather and the hot water!


Kelley said...

Thank goodness this time you are in a house with a great tub for soaking. No more having to fold yourself up in a tiny tub! Have you found a good lotion for your dry skin? I always have some dry skin and in the winter it is awful (I inherited this lovely trait from my mother.) We've found the Gold Bond Ultimate Healing lotion to work the best. It's really thick but absorbs quickly and keeps you moisturized all day. The scent is also light. Some lotions can be overpowering - especially if you are using it all over. Here's a link if you are interested:

Rebecca said...

Ooooooh- a bath sounds really good right about now. If I can get some laundry going I may try that.

So glad to hear you are feeling a little better. I hope it stays that way!

Elizabeth said...

I posted pics of Lydia changing Pup's dipe on my blog. Check it out! That's hilarious that she tried it again.

Stephanie said...

Yeah you get to find out next week too!! What day? I know you can't wait!
Lydia is a precious little girl! I have enjoyed watching her grow since a newborn.
Glad your a part of the club too! We should throw a bubble bath and books exchange shower! =)

Renee said...

Can't wait to hear what you're having! And glad you are still feeling pretty well.

Kathy said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in 2 weeks.