Monday, June 19, 2006

The Lake

Thursday night I was catching up on the phone with my friend, Lauren, who was headed up to her family's vacation home on Lake Nantahala. She invited me to join her for a day or two of R & R. I almost didn't go just because of the amount of stuff you have to take with you when you have a young child. Whether for one night or five, you still have to bring half the house!! So I packed up our stuff and Lydia and I left after breakfast Friday morning. I was a little concerned about the 2.5 hour drive without anyone else to help me entertain Lydia, but I timed it well and she slept the last 1.5 hours - waking just after we finished the 45 minute winding drive up the mountain!
The M's home is absolutely gorgeous. It has at least 6-7 bedrooms plus two lofts and I think I counted enough beds to sleep about 25 people! Vaulted ceilings, two huge great rooms, a sunroom, two kitchens and several porches and decks - and all decorated like something out of a Southern Living home. Did I mention the floating dock with sailboat, jetski, canoe and speedboat?? Anyway, I don't know how they ever pull themselves away. It is a wonderful place to rest and enjoy fellowship with family and friends. The family is very generous and hospitable -they are always inviting friends up to stay. I have some great memories of time spent at their former family home on Lake Burton.
Lydia was a sweetie and seemed to enjoy her time there as well. She liked being in the lake and the covered part of the boat made a great playpen! She also slept well (always a concern when away from home -esp the first night) and didn't wake until 9:30 the next morning! Although short, it was nice to relax by the lake and to spend time talking with Lauren.

Although the water was pretty cold, Lydia enjoyed being in the lake in this little float.

The boat made a great playpen

Lydia and me

She loved Lauren's two labs - here we are with Duke. She didn't even mind getting licked right on the face!


Elizabeth said...

I didn't know that Lydia got in the water! That's so great. We need to get one of those floats for MN. :-) I'm commenting so you know that the masses are checking your blog daily. At least, one representative of the masses. Keep on blogging.

Kelley said...

So we both spent our weekend at the Lake. It looks like you had a lot of fun. :-)

Julie said...

Sounds like you had fun! Lydia is so cute in her bathing suit.

Moseleys in CA said...

Lydia is so cute! I hope we get to meet her this trip home.

Lois said...

she is looking cuter everyday