Friday, October 20, 2006


Ben to Lydia during bathtime:
"Lydia, what is the square root of 1? Can you say, '1'?"

"Lydia, can you say 'buns'?"

Lydia to Pup as she placed him in a laundry basket:
"Nye Nye" (night night)

Lydia to herself as she was playing in the kitchen:
"no, no NO Leedl-a" (That is the best phonetic spelling I can render of the way she says her name right now.)
Over the past several days I have heard her telling herself "no Leedl-a." Sometimes she is about to do something she knows is a "no-no" and sometimes she just says it while she is playing!

Just the other day she discoverd that this cabinet is the perfect size for her to sit in. She has had a great time opening it, sitting down, trying to close herself in, getting out, shutting the door etc. etc.


Anonymous said...

I think Ben is trying to turn Lydia into a math geek. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Ben said...

Actually, it's far geekier than that. The actual question was: what is the square root of minus one? The answer is i.

Amy said...

I fell asleep while reading comments...that's never happened before. But I suppose asking the square root of minus one is just as bad as trying to converse in Latin with one's child, which is what Brian does.

Anonymous said...

It's cute that she likes to fit herself into small spaces. She's also saying hi, Leedla, bye Leedla.

Anonymous said...

Okay, we are about to leave Mexico tomorrow and move to Dacula, Georgia, USA! Way too cute. :)

Stephanie said...

Leedla is the cutest! You should get that on video.

Patrick & Rachel said...

Hey Jennifer,
Thanks for stopping by my blog, now I can visit yours too:) Your little girl is so cute - great pictures!!!

Julie said...

I love how she says her name! You definitely need to record it so she can hear it when she is older.

Lois said...

I heard her say her name at church. It was so cute.

Renee said...

Your phonetic spelling was much better than I could ever even attempt. I often try and realize it just isn't working. Lydia is at such a fun age and glad you are able to enjoy it and capture the memories.

Eve said...

thanks! the cake was really fun to make!:-) those pictures are so cute!:pleased:
Brenden and I had our auditions today because I couldn't do it on saturday, and Brenden just decided to go with me and get it over with. It was such a crazy audtion! I'm going to post about it, that way you won't have a too incredibly long comment!:-D