Friday, October 27, 2006

Another Update

With our dear, long-distance relatives in mind, here are a few Lydia updates...

This is one of Lydia's favorite spots to "hang-out" in the house. Her toy chest is right next to the stairs and she loves to sit on the bottom step and swing her legs. I think most of you know she is obsessed with phones...the more realistic, the better. I gave her my old cell phone several months ago, but it was quickly discarded when she realized that the rest of us had flip phones, while she was stuck in the dark ages with a regular one. She has about four different toy phones too, but nothing beats the real thing. And she knows where to find them too! If a purse is open and within reach, she digs through it looking for treasure and if a man has one clipped on his belt, she makes it clear what she wants!

Despite the huge mess that is always created, Lydia is allowed to play in the tupperware cabinet. Just yesterday she decided it would be the most fun to take everything out and sit inside. After she had cleared the cabinet she scooted all the way inside and closed the doors saying, "Bye." Notice her partner in crime, Pup, who is never far from her side. (If anything I think she is getting more attached to that dog. When I get her out of the crib in the morning, she hands him to me first before she will let me pick her up.)

New words she can say:

No (she has mastered this one!)
Soo (shoe)
ME-muh (Gramma)
pane (plane)
gway (grapes)
Hi-ee (she is particulary fond of this one and she says "hi" to strangers any time we are out)

Everyone tells me she is at the fun stage, and I admit it is fun! Everything is exciting to her and it is so much fun to see her learning and experiencing new things.


Stephanie said...

She is a doll baby. I love to watch her.

Moseleys in CA said...

As long distance relatives, we LOVE all the updates. It is absolutely adorable how Lydia finds her-sized places to sit. The steps could have been built as a seat just for her.

Mandy said...

She is so adorable!

Kathy said...

Thanks for the updates... Ben was attached to a stuffed lion until it was lost on some trip. It had a satin tag that he would rub. So, she is following her dad's lead.

Anonymous said...

As more long distance relatives, of course our mantra is "the more the better." Becky STILL has her faithful dog. What's its name?

Anonymous said...

By the way, Jen, I also think the name of your blog is very cute.

Anonymous said...

Becky's dog's name is Brownie. :-) Ben & I had stuffed animals, Susie & Becks had blankies when they were little. Now, I have a blankie, and Susie & Becky have stuffed animal & cabbage patch.

j.j. said...

I don't know if I had a favorite stuffed animal, but I was attached to a crotcheted blanket made by my Aunt Jenny. I called it ga-ga and even after I stopped taking it everywhere, I continued to sleep with it for YEARS. It is probably still in a chest somewhere at Mom's house!

Anonymous said...

Lydia has the cutest clothes. She is a styling 1 yr old. :-)