Thursday, April 23, 2009

the wheels are turning...

Today Lydia asked me, "Mom, is my hair dirty?" I thought that was funny because usually she could care less. I told her it was fine.
L: Why does Uncle Josh call my hair blonde dirty?
Me: You mean "dirty blonde." He was telling you what color your hair is.
L: But my hair isn't dirty. Why does he say that?
Me: He was just being silly.
L: Why?
Me: Uncle Josh likes to be silly sometimes.
L: (after processing the info)..... Boys like to be silly, but girls just like to be right.

HA!! Well, I had a good chuckle over that whole exchange!


JM said...

I think she's on to something...

Ldani said...

Smart girl!

Elizabeth said...

I told Josh on the way home from softball & even HE got a good chuckle. She's one smart cookie!

Eliz J said...

Oh that's hilarious! That is one of the best conversations I've heard from a little one! I bet you roared with laughter!