Tuesday, November 25, 2008

what colors are you?

I thought this was a fun quiz.
I am
"water beads" Blue refreshes, soothes and induces meditation; it lends the feeling of protection to the frenzy of daily life.
"al fresco" The greens of Al fresco are inviting; they comfort, soothe, and restore.

What are you?


Anonymous said...

This is way too much of a chick thing, but I did it anyway. :)Water Beads, Tapestry and Mosaic.

Brittny said...

That was so fun! I'm in the same blues and greens family... taking the quiz made me want to travel. =)

Stephanie said...

i'm due to hear what is on your mind too now! =) maybe we'll revisit this together.... you know, like the shorts thing...