Friday, August 01, 2008

friends and family

Here are a few pictures of people with whom we have visited over the last month. There is much more to show and tell, but this is all for now.
My friend, Kelley, and her daughter, Greta came to visit
Greta is just as adorable in person as she looks in all her pictures!
On a separate occasion, my friend Katie dropped by and we got to meet her daughter, Charis, for the first time!!
Charis seems SO low-key and easy going.
Little Buddies: Emma, Lydia and Kate
fun times at the park

Lydia and Uncle Jake tickling the ivories

My cousins and my daughters!

Megan, Lydia, Kate, Lauren, and Anna

We love you Aunt Becky and Uncle Elias. And we miss you!

Ben's relative, Brad, just moved down to be the head librarian over the theological division of a joint library for several colleges in downtown ATL

Good times over dinner at Josh and Liz's house


Elizabeth said...

well-themed! It really looks like you've had as busy of a summer as I know you've had!

Elizabeth said...

I also canNOT believe you were doing posts tonight of all nights! We're still finishing up packing!