Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm IT

I've been tagged. Since most of you have been tagged already, I won't bother!

1. I am a little fanatical about brushing my teeth. In college, I kept a toothbrush in my backpack and in my car so that I could brush whenever I wanted!

2. I love to read. It is my favorite way to relax and unwind. When I was younger my absolute favorite genre was mystery/suspense! I read every Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and Trixie Belden book that our library had. I used to finish one in an evening. Now I have little time for reading and it takes quite a bit longer to finish something. The last three books I have read are a Sherlock Holmes mystery, a Jane Austen novel, and a Christian parenting book.

3. I took private violin lessons for twenty consecutive years. I wanted to begin, but several times along the way I really wanted to quit. My mom would never let me! It was to be my choice when I was out of high school. When that time arrived, I had decided to make music my major in college. I even ended up with a masters degree. I am very thankful to my mom for the sacrifices she made in order for me to take lessons as a child and for her insistence that I continue, even during the rough times.

4. I am very competitive. I played soccer for many years on co-ed teams and perhaps that influenced my natural tendencies! I also have a blue belt in TKD and would LOVE to get back into it someday. I have mellowed a bit ( I think!) over the years, but especially when I was younger I never wanted to be viewed as weak or wimpy. I wanted all the same chances as a boy and no excuses or concessions because I was a girl. I thought I was just as strong or as tough as a guy. That was probably true for a while, but eventually, no matter how determined I was, it just wasn't the case any longer!

5. I love to find a bargain. It pains me if it is ever necessary to pay full price for things like shoes and clothing.

6. My least favorite household chores are cleaning my wood floors and the stovetop. =)

7. I have seen The Phantom of the Opera in Atlanta, New York and England -- all expenses paid.


Kelley said...

Oh yes I remember your competitiveness. :-)

When did you go to England?

Amy said...

hehe..ah the competitiveness. You definitely spice things up!! =)

I am a little jealous about the phantom thing, and also a little sad to remember Uncle Gene.

Anonymous said...

Jen, I had no idea about the TKD. I'll show you a little more respect from now on. :) Rob

JM said...

Where, oh where, has Jen gone?