Thursday, February 07, 2008

recent quotes

Things Lydia has said lately

"I sink so."

"I need to tell you a question."

"We need gwoshees from Pugwix."

"Look Mom, I'm running around like a boy!"

"I need to milk (nurse) Pup."

"Lauren doesn't want to nurse. She wants to play with me."

"I need to match baby sis. I'm the big sister and Lauren is the little sister. She likes to match with me." ( I hear some variation of this story every day!)

When she is being silly I often tell her she is a "nilly" - basically derived from part of a nonsense nickname given by Gramma. She responded the other day with, "I'm a big nilly and Lauren's a little nilly."

New nickname for Lauren: baby sister-li-la
New name for Daddy: Mister Dad or Ben-Dad


Amy said...

Those are really cute! I can't wait until Emma can form sentences. Who KNOWS what's gonna come out of her mouth =).

K. Humby said...

How sweet! How inventive!!! I love the "mister Dad." I can't wait until Charis can talk too. She seems quite smart.

Elizabeth said...

Mister Dad is awesome! It makes perfect sense, too. What a creative little creature she is!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jen. I really laughed at some of those things. :)

Kathy said...

The full-blown phrase is "silly-nilly-patilly" in case anyone needs more nonsense terms of affection.

Ldani said...

The first time I read, "We need gwoshees from Pugwix." I thought Lydia was saying she needed galloshes to go to Publix. Groceries from Publix makes more sense.