Friday, November 30, 2007


This morning over breakfast I saw three deer walk into our backyard. If you've been to our house you know we live in a subdivision and our house doesn't back up to any woods. By the time I grabbed my camera and took the picture they were trotting into our neighbors' yard.
Also during breakfast Lydia and I noticed some leaves falling from the trees. She exclaimed, "Mom the birds are falling!" I explained that the wind was blowing some leaves off of the trees. A few minutes later after she had done a little processing she said, "The leaves are breakin' Mom."

Here is my littlest girl showing off her latest skill. She loves to grab her feet these days. She also now rolls from her back to her tummy. We knew she was really close and she actually did it last night. I think it was the first time.
She enjoys her bouncy seat but we frequently see her straining and trying her hardest to sit up! She does not want to be a "baby." We remember Lydia acting this same way.

Since this post is kind of random already, I'll list a few of my latest favorites.

1. Izze drinks. Have you tried one? They are so delicious. No refined sugar, no caffeine. Just fruit juice and sparkling water.
2. Baby Bee diaper ointment by Burt's Bees. The ingredients are all natural and gentle to their skin. No parabens or mineral oils here.
3. Pizza dough in the Publix bakery. We have started having homemade pizza night on Fridays. (If you can still call it homemade even though I buy the dough!) I am hooked on this and we haven't even wanted to order out for pizza in months.
4. The book "Teach Them Diligently" by Lou Priolo. Maybe I'll have a chance to do a little review sometime; it was a very worthwhile read.


Renee said...

My neighbors have had a couple of deer in their backyard but we do have a small section of woods across from our sub. I'm sure that was fun to watch.

I'll have to go back and read that book again. It did not leave a huge impression on me and for some reason I'm thinking I did not agree with it...but I might be getting it mixed up with another book. :) Look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

So, do you do movie nite along with your pizza? We were avid Cici's lovers b/c it was cheap and good. But lately I've gone even cheaper making my own dough in the bread machine which has turned out pretty well. Might have to try the Publix one though. There has been a time or two where I have forgotten to get it going in time and dinner has been a little late. The boys think it's fun to watch though.

Beth said...

I love the Spritzers, in my store they are right next to the Izze, I'll have to try them next time. :) So much better for you than coke and I have Andy hooked now. :D

Rebecca said...

I'd love to read a review of "Teach Them Diligently." I've been interested in that book!

I love Izze too. :D

Amy said...

A few months ago I was coming home, and on the last hill before you get to our street I saw a family of deer. It was so funny to me because there are a few trees where they were, but I would never have expected them to house deer!

Rachel said...

I'm surprised you saw deer in your subdivision - neat but funny. At Patrick's parents in Nova Scotia, we often see a mother deer and her twins.
Way to go, Lauren - trying to sit up, finding your toes, and rolling over. I can tell Luke and she are close in age. These are all things he has accomplished in the last month.
Look foward to your book review and I will have to try out Izze:)

Kelley said...

We enjoy making homemade pizza with the Publix pizza dough as well. Jack & Julie also have a killer calzone recipe they use that dough for.

Elizabeth said...

That's so crazy about the deer. I'll have to put the book on my Christmas list. I never used to like "Christian living" books. They aren't usually very well written, and I'm just not a How-to reader. But, MAN, parenting has really changed all of that. I am much more interested in hearing how to a lot of things these day!