Monday, August 27, 2007

My Girls

Today it has just been "us girls" here at home. Since Lauren's birth there have been various people here helping with the girls. Ben's mom came for a visit and just left on Saturday. She was a great help- especially with entertaining and caring for Lydia these past couple of weeks. I know it was a luxury not to have to get Lydia up and fed in the mornings and to be able to catch an extra hour or so of sleep. Besides playing with Lydia and taking her to the playground or the pool, Kathy also taught Lydia plenty of "useless" (her words!) words and phrases.
Uh-oh Spaghetti-O's (this began at Christmas)
silly nilly patilly
zippydee doo da
Let's go, Joe
oopsie doodles
exactly! (ezaklee)

Oh yes, and instead of calling Ben's mom Grandma or even Grandma Kathy, Lydia very quickly abandoned the "Gwamma" and just called her "Kaffee." In the afternoons when Lydia felt she'd "served enough time" in her bedroom, she would get down on the floor with her mouth pressed to the crack at the bottom of the door and begin calling, "Kaffee! I'm all done. Come get me! I want out!" (Naps are pretty much a thing of the past -although she happens to be taking one right now - but at least she can still spend time alone and plays up there for a couple of hours each day.)
For those who asked, Lauren's tests have all come back negative, so to my understanding all "serious" potential problems have been ruled out. She continues on the gall bladder medicine for at least another week and then will have an ultrasound to see if the medicine has been effective to clear out that "sludge."
I'm sort of afraid to say it for fear that it isn't true, but we think Lauren may be feeling somewhat better. She doesn't scream and cry as much as she did in those first few weeks. She also seems to be nursing much more contentedly - which was definitely a problem before (and sometimes still is). Another blessing is the couple of nights of good sleep we've had recently! She managed to go about 5-6 hours, wake up to nurse, and then immediately down for 3-4 hours more. These nights (3 so far and not consecutive) are wonderful and I feel SO much more rested in the morning. A more typical night would be 3 or maybe 4 hours between feedings. I sincerely hope she will learn to sleep longer at night sooner than her big sister who was closer to 8 months old before she was sleeping all night without waking. (Yes it was horrible and I hope we never repeat that again!)

And now for the pictures...

One week old

Pink cheeks and homegrown tomatoes from Auntie Liz's house

with Aunt Becky and Kate

Uncle Elias loves babies
Matching outfits
Lydia calls this dress her "ice-cream dress" as there are little ice cream cones on it. She has worn it a few times, but was thrilled to find out that "baby Wah-yen" has one to match!! Knowing my penchant for clothes, it is probably the first of many little matching outfits!


Rachel said...

I am so glad to hear that all of Lauren's tests came back normal - what an answer to prayer. I hope that the meds are working well and that her u/s is clear!!! Don't you feel like a new person when your baby sleeps just a few extra hours straight? It makes such a difference. Usually, once it happens once, it is just around the corner that the pattern will continue and become a norm, hopefully sooner than later!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

How wonderful that Lauren is in the clear and that she might be feeling better! I'm sure that all this has been extremely stressful and taxing on yall. I hope life calms down soon!

Claire didn't sleep through the night consistently until she was over a year old, but I got really used to it and didn't mind. Now I kind of miss those nighttime cuddle sessions with her! But yes- I also really appreciate the sleeeep! lol

The pictures are precious and I love the ice cream dresses!

Kelley said...

Thanks for updating us. I'm so glad Lauren appears to be over the hump. We'll still keep her in our prayers though. :-)

Beth said...

So glad she seems to be doing better. We have been praying for you. Caleb nursed every 1 1/2 hours around the clock until he was 8 months old and then he started sleeping more at night. Stephen isn't as bad, but still nurses pretty frequently. You are very lucky. :D Love the matching outfits. Andy is not happy with me trying to make my boys match, he calls it my Sound of Music outfits. lol

Stephanie said...

Precious pictures!! Lauren and Lydia are both just the sweetest. I love reading the updates. Keep treasuring all the moments (and laughing at the crazy ones) with those two!

Erin said...

That's wonderful news about little Lauren. What great pictures. Thanks for the update!

Ldani said...

So glad that the news is good for Lauren. Y'all make a very nice looking family.

Julie said...

I'm glad Lauren's tests came back ok and she seems to be feeling better.

Your family picture was great!

Eliz J said...

That is a beautiful family picture!

Amanda said...

The picture of Lydia's red cheeks are so cute!

JM said...

Love all the pictures! Keep 'em comin'.

Renee said...

She is such a cutie! And I agree...great family picture.

Kathy said...

Don't forget "exactly", though Lydia pronounced it a tad bit differently; I forget how...