Thursday, January 25, 2007

Feeling Better

Thank you all for your kind inquiries and your prayers. Things have been looking up considerably since my last visit to the midwife a week ago. With a little encouragment from Liz, I had been psyching (sp?) myself up to be extra pitiful. I was almost prepared to beg for some medicine. As it turned out, I really didn't have to.
I had gained a whopping half a pound since my visit a month before. I'm still below my "pre-pregnancy" weight (which they don't know) but since I have some extra to spare, I don't think it matters. Anyway, I saw a different midwife this time. She was much more sympathetic and just generally pleasant. When she asked why I thought I hadn't gained more weight I was pretty frank...puking and all day nausea...?? When I laid down on the table she said my belly looked "small." As she got out her measuring tape she said, "How tall are you, 5'4"?". My brain was blank. Was I 5'4"... or maybe it was 5'6". No wait, everyone accuses me of thinking I'm taller than I am. 5'5"?? I told her I couldn't remember and that if it was important I thought the nurse had that in my chart. She laughed and then said my belly was measuring in the normal range but on the low end. Then she told me that she thought I had a long trunk and perhaps that is why I seemed small. (Good grief!)
Anyway, we chatted a bit and I explained that I had tried all the "natural" remedies for nausea without any relief. She then told me she was going to prescribe something "to see if you can't get to feelin some better." I almost cried. (I hadn't even been reduced to getting on my knees to beg!) She also told me to eat whatever sounded good to me....even potato chips or french fries and to be sure I ate often. So I walked out feeling encouraged and with my prescription. Yayyy!!!
So far I'm attributing my feeling better to the drugs. Maybe I was about to turn the corner regardless. I am still waiting for that "everything is normal" feeling to return. Hopefully it won't be too much longer, but I am thankful that things are finally looking up!
P.S. My next appointment is in mid February which is when we'll find out if it's a boy or a girl!


Julie said...

I'm sorry that you have been feeling so horrible. We will continue to pray that you feel better soon!
I'm excited to find out if Lydia is going to have a little brother or little sister. Rachel wrote me and they are finding out next week what their baby is too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had to resort to drugs, but I am so glad that you are feeling a little better. Ready to go walk that 2.2 mile trail now? =)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it is already time for you to find out what you are having! But then, I guess you are not that far behind me. And glad you are feeling well too!

Anonymous said...

I know how much of a difference it makes to be feeling "normal". I hope that you keep feeling better and that it doesn't return at the end.

Stephanie said...

I hope you continue to improve! I bet it is smooth sailing for you now!