Thursday, November 16, 2006


It seems hard to believe that Thanksgiving is only a week away! I'm looking forward to seeing some aunts, uncles and cousins that I don't get to see very often. We'll gather this year at my parents' house...which is still not quite in order from the move! It should be interesting. I think Mom FINALLY decided on the furniture and has probably just placed her order this week. (We're hoping it might arrive just in time for Christmas!!)In the meantime we grumbled a bit about how there is nothing comfortable to lounge on upstairs...and reminded them that sofas and chairs would be a must if they were going to host the Thanksgiving meal. So last Sunday when Mom had her sons and son-in-law captive after a delicious meal, she pleaded with them to bring up the extremely heavy and unwieldy leather sectional sofa that was waiting to be set up downstairs. Since it was too big to fit up the stairs, they loaded it onto the trailer on the 4-wheeler and Dad drove it up to the front of the house to bring in through the double doors. I wish my camera had been nearby. "You know you're a redneck when...."
Though I don't often get pictures of anything else, you know I have plenty of this little girl -

What better way to show your true love than with a bite on the nose?

Filling her purse with the chess pieces

Lydia Lou Who?


Anonymous said...

I love the one with her playing chess! I bet Ben cannot wait to teach her how to play!

Anonymous said...

Piggie Tails! Yippidty Dee! She looks so cute.

j.j. said...

I'm thinking of coining a new phrase. How about "sprig tails"?!!

Anonymous said...

I like the phrase! Those sprig tails will be the envy of a few at church who don't have QUITE enough hair (at least on top). I bet that Eden has enough now.

JM said...

Nathan loved William's nose so much that I eventually had to replace it! What is it about the nose? :)

Anonymous said...

mrs. Jen i love the last on with the pig-tals they are soooo cute I love them!

Lois said...

I agree....I love her pig tails, I love her.
She is so cute. great pictures

Stephanie said...

Lydia is such a sweetie! She and Ella need to get together to do some purse filling and toting. That is a pastime around here.
Do you have any late NEWS to post? =) humhum..